They run, shout, laugh… sometimes they cry.
Every now and then they get angry
and sometimes they make us cross,
but they always know how to be forgiven.
When they’re  with us they fill our time
and when we’re apart we miss them a lot.
When they sleep they look like little angels,
but when they’re awake they can be little devils.
Each one of them has their own unique
little personality and temperament
and when they want something, they know how to get it,
when they don’t they know how to  dig in their heels.
When we dress them as we like,
sometimes they can rebel 
and sometimes
they even want to dress themselves.

Sometimes they laughingly run away naked
but sometimes we succeed in dressing them
as we like even if they don’t and  sometimes we dress them
as they like and we don’t!


they are our children
why we love them

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